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This user is currently semi-retired, and shall be popping in as and when work allows him to do so.
If, for some bizarre reason, you wish to contact him, you may email him.
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This user performed with distinction in the Oblivion Houses Redesign Project
I am currently taking Place and Interior Images.
This user performed with distinction in the Oblivion NPC Redesign Project
I am currently was dabbling with NPC Schedules.
This user performed with distinction in the Skyrim Quest Redesign Project
I am currently was tweaking Skyrims Quest Pages.
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Making lists for the entirety of Skyrim's Leveled Inventory Lists, roughly this long for on tiny section...
I played about with city maps (here and here), until the editor making the maps left...
Checking rewards and objectives for the first Skyrim Project!, now if only I understood some of the games coding better!
I also made a lot of the tables this page (mainly the smaller ones half way down the page).
I also dabbled in the {{Chart}} template... which was different! The only ones I actually did are; here, here and here.
I had a go at writing NPC Pages for the OBNPCRP - i'll get back on that one day!
Taking place and interior images for the OBHRP, like this and this.
I also made this page on Quest Items from scratch, god that was a long job.
Shivering Isles
After finishing one page on Quest Items, I immediately went and did another one.
Change this into this for most of the place images.
Other Tid-Bits
I do tables, for some reason I like them, for different editor(s) sandboxes... so some tables you see might be mine ;)
I also do proof-reading for the same editor(s).

Moved because otherwise I have to change the entire page settings each time I add a page... and i'm too lazy for that!