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About Me

My real name is not Jak Atackka, although that would be pretty neat. My real name is Alex, I'm 18, and I live in the middle of nowhere (right next to the W). I have a decent amount of programming experience, including Java, C++, and TIBASIC (graphing calculators). I don't enjoy talking about myself, so that's pretty much all of the personal stuff I'm going to divulge :)

My friend introduced me to the Elder Scrolls series by loaning me Oblivion GOTY Edition, and I was hooked. Since then, I've been dedicating (not wasting!) hundreds if not thousands of hours of time immersing myself in the rich lore and landscape of Tamriel. I've been using UESPWiki since I first googled "Oblivion". I didn't join the wiki then, because I had nothing to contribute. Once Skyrim came out, though, I got an account and started adding info to the website.

I am a huge fan of all aspects of the Elder Scrolls. I've played Oblivion (including Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles), Skyrim (including all of its DLC), Morrowind, Daggerfall,, Redguard, Dawnstar, and Oblivion Mobile, although I've only played Skyrim and Oblivion to any degree of completion. I'm more well-versed in the lore of Tamriel than most, and have read almost every single in-game book. I couldn't discuss Aldmerian metaphysics with you, but I could tell you the name of the only Sload to appear in an Elder Scrolls game (N'Gasta, I actually wrote his article), the names of Tamriel's moons (Masser and Secunda, or Jode and Jone to the Khajiit), or the names of the three artifacts used by the holy Tribunal to gain their godly powers (Wraithguard, Sunder, and Keening).

Wiki Work

After editing here for months, I've found that I'm best at handling the coding-related stuff. I'm the unofficial manager of the AbuseFilter, and am the go-to guy for template and formatting help, if RobinHood70 or Alfwyn aren't available. I've also contributed significantly to our site's articles on the Dragon Language and created the Falmer Alphabet article, and odds are, if it's a template, I've edited it.

Other than template edits and various minor, cosmetic edits (such as tweaking the formatting or fixing typos), I rarely write large-scale articles (I hope to change that, however). I find that my time is a constant struggle between video games, the wiki, and real life, so I'm not on as much as I'd like to be. Having said that, though, feel free to drop me a line at any time - I check my email and my talk page practically hourly.

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