Skyrim:Rorik's Manor

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Rorik's Manor
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Important Treasure
Spirit of the Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Whiterun Hold
Special Features
# of Cooking Pots/Spits 1
Rorik's Manor

Rorik's Manor is the small home of Rorik, the head of Rorikstead and his best friend and companion Jouane Manette.

While the name suggests that it would be a grand house, Rorik's Manor is not much bigger than the other farmhouses in Rorikstead, which he owns. It is a single-story L-shaped building located at the northwestern end of the village.


Jouane Manette



The only items of interest is a campfire with an empty pot hanging over it and an unowned bed roll beside it. There are two cows in a animal pen to the east of the house.

Rorik's Manor

The fireplace is opposite the entrance and has a cooking pot in front of it and three loose septims on the mantelpiece. The western end of the house is filled with several bales of straw, barrels and a large pile of firewood. To the right of the fireplace, against the north wall is a long wooden table and a kettle containing four potatoes. On the table are two more potatoes, a garlic bulb, a chicken's egg, several loaves of bread, a sliced eidar cheese, a cabbage and three seared slaughtfish. Above the table are two bunches of elves ear, a bunch of frost mirriam and two garlic braids. To the right of these is a rack hanging from the ceiling and holding two rabbits and two pheasants.

To the right of the table is a flower basket containing four more chicken's eggs. Further along the north wall is a set of shelves holding two bottles of alto wine and three of wine. In the northeast corner is a dresser containing a selection of clothes, with a medium coin purse, a jug and two goblets on top. Beside this, coming out from the east wall is a single owned bed, where Jouane Manette sleeps. There is an end table beside the bed and an unlocked chest containing minor loot beside that.

A counter coming out from the east wall to the right of all this with several sacks and a barrel, all containing food around it. On the counter are several bottles of wine, alto wine and Nord mead along with several pieces of cheese. Under the counter is a copy of Spirit of the Daedra and an empty petty soul gem. There is a chair and lute behind the counter and a wardrobe further to the right of that. Coming out from the south wall is a large double bed that Rorik uses with an end table on either side. On the left-hand end table is a potion of haggling and beside it on the floor is a medium coin purse. The right-hand end table has four loose septims on top. To the right of the bed against the west wall are a couple of barrels with more bottles of wine and alto wine on them, while further right is a small round wooden table and two chairs. On this table is a couple of bottles of Nord mead.