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Contracting a disease weakens specific skills or attributes of your character. Disease effects remain active until cured with a potion or at a shrine, which can be found in most hold capitals. Unlike in Oblivion, there is no Cure Disease spell. One particularly notable and somewhat unique disease is Sanguinare Vampiris, which transforms your character into a vampire three days after contracting it if left untreated. Multiple disease effects stack together. Carrying a disease may cause NPCs to say that your character looks sickly or should go to bed, although Arcadia in Whiterun will say things like this even if your character is healthy.

There are a number of ways to contract diseases in Skyrim, perhaps most commonly by contact with a creature, animal, or even some NPCs. Most diseases can also be contracted through traps found outside throughout Skyrim or in various dungeons. For those diseases, the first ID in the following table is for the disease when caught from a creature, and the second ID is the trap-specific version. Although the physical effects of the two versions of the disease are the same, the descriptions are often slightly different.

Disease ID Description Source
Ataxia 000b877c Picking locks and picking pockets is 25% harder. Skeever
0010a24a Picking locks and picking pockets is 25% harder. Traps
Black Heart BlightDB xx01ff2e Drains 10 points from Carry Weight. None
Bone Break Fever 000b877e Drains 25 points from Stamina. Bear
0010a24c Drains 25 points of Stamina. Traps
Brain Rot 000b877f Drains 25 points from Magicka. Hagraven
0010a24d Drains 25 points of Magicka. Traps
DroopsDB xx0285c1 One-handed and two-handed weapon damage is 15% lower. Ash Hoppers
Rattles 000b8781 Stamina regenerates 50% more slowly. Chaurus
0010a24e Stamina regenerates 50% more slowly. Traps
Rockjoint 000b8782 You are 25% less effective with melee weapons. Fox, Wolf
0010a24f You are 25% less effective with melee weapons. Traps
Sanguinare Vampiris 000b8780 Reduces Health by 25. Progresses to Vampirism. Vampires
Witbane 000b8783 Magicka regenerates 50% more slowly. Sabre Cat
0010a250 Magicka regenerates 50% more slowly. Traps
  Black Heart Blight is not possible to contract in the game. ?



  • You can occasionally still contract diseases from traps despite being a vampire or werewolf, both of which have a constant 100% disease resistance.