Skyrim:Culling the Beast

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SR-qico-Dawnguard Vampires.png Kill the thin-blooded vampires.
Quest Giver: Fura Bloodmouth or Garan Marethi
Location(s): Radiant Vampire Lair
Prerequisite Quest: The Bloodstone Chalice
Culling the Beast

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Fura Bloodmouth or Garan Marethi.
  2. Kill the boss vampire in its lair.

Detailed Walkthrough

You can talk to Fura Bloodmouth or Garan Marethi to receive this quest. They will explain either:

  • "A bunch of feral vampires are running wild, upsetting the mortals. When the prey is riled, it makes things difficult for us. Go cull the brutish beasts before the problem gets out of hand."
  • "A cadre of lesser beasts has become a nuisance, taking too bold an approach to their feeding. The herd is becoming distressed, which makes it more difficult for us to slip in and out undetected. It is time to cull the weak."

They will then mark a random location from a list of possible locations: Bloodlet Throne, Broken Fang Cave, Haemar's Shame, Mara's Eye Pond, Moldering Ruins, Movarth's Lair, Pinemoon Cave, Potema's Catacombs, Redwater Den, Shriekwind Bastion

You will be directed to kill the leveled vampire boss that is near the end of one of these locations. Upon return, you are rewarded three Potions of Blood with a chance of 25% or a radiant leveled enchanted item otherwise (a circlet, necklace, ring, a piece of heavy armor, a piece of light armor or a weapon). You'll be told one of the following lines:

  • "Good job. At first you may pity the thin-bloods. But after disposing of a few, you realize they aren't worth the worry."
  • "You have done well. It may seem cruel that we hold our thin-blooded kin in low esteem. But our needs must come before theirs."

Quest Stages

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Objective 100: Return to <Alias=QuestGiver>

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Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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