Skyrim:Clear Skies

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Clear Skies
Skyrim itself yields before the Thu'um, as you clear away fog and inclement weather.






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Effects Recharge
Lok Clears weather for 25 seconds 5
Vah Clears weather for 40 seconds 10
Koor Clears weather for 60 seconds 15

Clear Skies is a dragon shout that clears weather effects. All three words of this shout are learned from the Greybeards during The Throat of the World as part of the main quest.

The shout can be used to clear away fog and mist as well as snowy, cloudy, or rainy weather anywhere in Skyrim. It can also clear poisonous gas away from traps.

Related Quests

Possible Uses

  • It can be used as an alternative to Unrelenting Force as it has a much quicker recharge, although it only works outdoors, and only causes enemies to stagger.
  • During Alduin's Bane, Clear Skies can be used to negate Alduin's "Dragon Storm Call".


  • The first word of the shout provides a longer period of clear weather per second of cooldown required when compared to using the second and third words. The first word provides five seconds of clear weather for each second of cooldown, versus the four seconds of clear weather for each second of cooldown for the second and third words.
  • The shout has no effect indoors.
  • The shout has no effect at the ash wastes of southern SolstheimDB.
  • It is only necessary to start The Throat of the World to learn all three words.
  • This shout causes an aurora to appear at night, sometimes with a slight delay.