Dragonborn:Dragon Shouts

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The following is a list of dragon shouts made available by the Dragonborn add-on. Most of the words are found throughout Solstheim while the rest are gained through the main quest line of Dragonborn.

For more detailed information about dragon shouts, and a list of the shouts from the base game and Dawnguard add-on, see this page.

Available Shouts

Dragon Shout (ID) Word of Power Translation Word Wall Location Cool Down Time
SR-icon-shout-Dragonrend.png Battle Fury
Your Thu'um enchants your nearby allies' weapons, allowing them to attack faster.
MID(Mid) Loyal 20
V6(Vur) Valor 30
SH1N(Shaan) Inspire 40
75px Bend Will
Your voice bends the very stones to your will. As it gains power, animals, people, and even dragons must do your bidding.
GOL(Gol) Earth 10
H4(Hah) Mind 90
DOV(Dov) Dragon 120
SR-icon-shout-White.png Cyclone
Your Thu'um creates a whirling cyclone that sows chaos among your enemies.
VEN(Ven) Wind 30
G1R(Gaar) Unleash 45
NOS(Nos) Strike 60
75px Dragon Aspect
Once a day, take on the mighty aspect of a dragon, delivering colossal blows, with an armored hide, and more powerful shouts.
MUL(Mul) Strength 5
Q4(Qah) Armor 5
D3V(Diiv) Wyrm 5


Achievements related to dragon shouts are listed below. For shout-related achievements in the original version of the game, see this page.

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