Skyrim:Bodyguard (Carvains)

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Este artigo é sobre the bodyguard of Plautis and Salonia Carvain. Para the bodyguards of Pelagius the Suspicious, veja Bodyguard (Pelagius).

Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC×0.25 (max=50) Class Soldier
RefID N/A BaseID 000B91A6
Other Information
Health 50-442
Magicka 50
Stamina 50-393
Moral. No Crime Aggress.
Faction(s) WEDL03Faction; WIGenericCrimeFaction
The Carvain's bodyguard

This Bodyguard is an Imperial soldier who can be found guarding Plautis and Salonia Carvain during a random encounter in the wilderness. They have traveled from Cyrodiil to Skyrim in order to participate in the wedding between Vittoria Vici and Asgeir Snow-Shod, but never make it there. According to Plautis the second time you meet him, he is ultimately eaten by a dragon. The bodyguard wears either Imperial light armor or studded Imperial armor, along with Imperial light boots and matching bracers, and helmet. He carries a matching shield, Imperial sword, and a torch.

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