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This template creates a link to the given place page. The format is appropriate for a list of places, and includes the place description and a map link. The place description is taken from the description parameter provided in the place's Place Summary template. For Oblivion and Morrowind places, a map link is automatically generated unless mapname=none is specified.


Place Link
Parâmetero Escopo Descrição
1 or
required Place page name.
ns_base optional Namespace of the game being referenced. If not provided, the current namespace will be used.
altname optional Name to use for place. Defaults to place stripped of any parenthetical text (e.g., "Weynon Priory (place)" becomes "Weynon Priory").
mapname optional Name to use for map link. Defaults to the saved mapname for the location, or place stripped as above if there is no saved mapname. Set to "none" for no map link.
mod optional Two letter code for a mod/add-on. Will display the tag for it immediately after the link.
zone optional For Elder Scrolls Online maps, specify the zone for the link. Useful for locations that exist in more than one zone.
nolink optional Set to any value to disable linking when the link would redirect back to the current page.



{{Place Link|Cloud Ruler Temple}}

OB-mapicon-Settlement.png Cloud Ruler Temple — A fortress northwest of Bruma (quest-specific). (map)

Altname and No Map

{{Place Link|ns_base=Oblivion|place=Dareloth's House|altname=Guildmaster's Quarters|mapname=none}}

Guildmaster's Quarters — The home of the Thieves Guild's founder, in the Imperial City's Waterfront District behind the Abandoned Shack.