Online:The Lost Pearls

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Thieves Guild
ON-qico-Guild.png Retrieve an old silver pendant that once belonged to a patron's wife.
Zone: Hew's Bane
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Reacquisitions Board
Location(s): Abah's Landing, Ko Estaran
Prerequisite Quest: Partners in Crime
Reward: 302 Gold
10 Predefinição:ESO Reputation
XP Gain: Standard
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Find an old necklace at Ko Estaran

Spencer Rye runs a finder's business and uses the Thieves Guild to track down his quarries. Helping him will surely reflect well on your skill as a thief, and be lucrative to boot.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Pick up the task from the Reacquisitons Board.
  2. Retrieve the items from Ko Estaran.
  3. Return to Spencer Rye.

Detailed Walkthrough

Read the Reacquisitions Board outside Thieves Den. There is a message announcing that a patron would like somebody to retrieve an old necklace that belonged to his wife.

Head to Ko Estaran in the southwestern Hew's Bane. The silver necklace can be found in a Damaged Sack located very near Syvarra of the Deep, an elite lamia. You might need to kill her in order to retrieve the necklace. The pearls can be gathered from lamias around the ruins.

Once you are done, head back to Spencer Rye. He comments on the necklace being worn off, but nevertheless thanks you for finding it and rewards you with some gold.

Quest Stages

The Lost Pearls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've been sent to recover a Tarnished Silver Pendant from Ko Estaran. Additionally, Spencer requested I collect any Small Blue Pearls I can find.
Objective: Collect the Pearls: 0/10
Objective: Collect the Pendant
Finishes quest I've recovered the Tarnished Silver Pendant mentioned in the finder's contract. I should return to Spencer Rye to receive my payment.
Objective: Talk to Spencer Rye