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Shada's Tear
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Level Veteran11
Discovery 716 XP
Completion Objective
7162 XP
Belkarth RegionCraglorn
Northeast of the Bangkorai Gate
"Weep for Shada, tears of grief. The endless years bring no relief." — Old Hammerfell Ballad 
Overlooking Shada's Tear

Shada's Tear is a ruined Nedic city located in western Craglorn, northeast of the Bangkorai Gate.

Shada's Tear Wayshrine

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  • It is technically possible to swim through the cursed water and enter Shada's Chamber if you have enough health. This will bypass the two wings.


A map of Shada's Tear
Shada's Tear Burial Grounds
Shada's Tear City District
Shada's Tear Hall of Worship
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