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ON-qico-Normal.png Scout Mathiisen for signs of the Veiled Heritance.
Zone: Auridon
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Mathiisen — Investigate the Heritance presence in Mathiisen.
Quest Giver: Razum-dar
Location(s): Mathiisen
Previous Quest: To Mathiisen
Next Quest: The Unveiling
Reward: 152 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold377 Gold
XP Gain: 984
Recommended Level: 9
Create a distraction

I'm working with Razum-dar, at the town of Mathiisen. He's looking into reports of the Veiled Heritance in the area for Queen Ayrenn.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Search Fistalle's House in east Mathiisen.
  2. Report to Razum-dar.
  3. Search the forge.
  4. Report to Razum-dar.
  5. Distract the guard in front of Malanie's House, then search Malanie's House.
  6. Report to Razum-dar.

Detailed Walkthrough

Razum-dar tells you to meet with agent Fistalle in east Mathiisen.

Fistalle's house is across the bridge and to the right. When you enter her house, however, you find Fistalle dead on the floor. You search her body and find a strange note.

You take the note to Razum-dar who has moved to a rock behind Fistalle's house. Razum-dar realizes that the note is a code from Fistalle that explains who she suspected. The rat with the blade refers to Condalin, the forge master who controls the smithy. You may note that Condalin's house is next door to Fistalle's.

Search the Forge

The forge is east of Razum-dar and Fistalle's House and next to the docks. You find the armament inventory and bring it to Razum-dar.

Investigate Malanie's House

Razum-dar wants you to investigate Malanie's house. You will need to distract the guard to get inside. You need to light some crates next to the house on fire, then slip inside the house when the guard runs over.

The barrel is in the center of the warehouse next to Razum-dar. You take the kindlepitch from the barrel to a crate of linens, which is to the left of the door to Malanie's house.

Enter Malanie's House and search the wardrobe across from the door. Inside is a Veiled Heritance Officer's Uniform.

You report to Razum-dar who is behind the house and close to the crate you lit on fire. He had to kill the guard, and you will see his body by Razum-dar. The uniform proves that Malanie leads the Veiled Heritance in Mathiisen.

Quest Stages

Putting the Pieces Together
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Meet with Fistalle at Her Home
Objective: Search Fistalle's Body
Objective: Merchant action ends
Objective: Take Fistalle's Note to Razum-dar
Objective: Enter the Forge Area
Objective: Search the Forge
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
Objective: Gather Kindlepitch from Barrel
Objective: Use Kindlepitch to Create Distraction
Objective: Enter Malanie's house
Objective: Search Malanie's House
Finishes quest
Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
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