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Location Varies
Species Ogrim Soul Varies
Level Varies Health Varies
An Ogrim
"The last thing many adventurers see is the fist of the brutish ogrim crashing down on them."

Ogrim are a type of enormous Daedra with very little intellect. They are sent into the mortal world to menace living things for the amusement of Daedric Princes, and are mostly associated with Malacath.

Skills and Abilities

As they are Daedric creatures, ogrim are especially vulnerable to Fighters Guild abilities.


A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.

Body Slam

The ogrim charges forward, doing moderate physical damage as well as knocking down all enemies as indicated by a red rectangle. If the ogrim does not hit anything, it will be set off balance.

Heal[verification needed]

If low on health, the ogrim will beat its chest to heal itself up. This spell can be interrupted to set the enemy off balance.

Unique Ogrim


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