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Little Leaf
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level Veteran11 Health 30984
Other Information
Faction(s) Scaled Court
Little Leaf

Little Leaf is a Bosmer member of the Scaled Court and the seneschal of Regent Cassipia, who is also her love interest.

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The Serpent's Fang

You will meet Little Leaf just north of Ilthag's Undertower; she will approach you cautiously, "Let's not start something we'll both regret. I could use some help, and you're going to want to hear what I have to say."

I'm listening.
"We need to stop the Iron Orcs! They're building an army of trolls! Regent Cassipia sent me to convince them to disband the army, but they took my gold and tossed me out! Now that you're here, I have a better plan."
What's your better plan?
"You're my better plan! Between my cheerful optimism and your proclivity for violence, there's no way we can lose. Anyway, you'll help, right? Meet me in the ruined tower on the nearby hill."
All right. I'll meet you in the ruined tower.
"The Iron Orcs have figured out a way to turn a trollop of trolls into an army. It involves training, armor, and magical runes carved right into their skin. I'll meet you in Ilthag's Undertower and we can deal with the troll trainer first."

You can then ask Little Leaf more about Ilthag's Undertower and Regent Cassipia:

What should I know about Ilthag's Undertower?
"Well, it's inside the ruins beneath the old tower. It stinks down there! That's what happens when you shove trolls and Iron Orcs into an enclosed space. Anyway, Ilthag uses the ruins as a training arena for the trolls."
Why are the Iron Orcs building an army of trolls?
"Because the Serpent told them to! But nothing good ever came from dressing trolls in armor and giving them weapons, and that's the acorn's truth! Anyway, stopping the trolls is all part of Cassi's plan to save the Scaled Court."
But the Scaled Court is evil.
"Some of them maybe. But not Cassi and me! We joined the Scaled Court to change the world, not destroy it. We're going to fix all this. Honestly, I don't know what Exarch Braadoth was thinking."
Who's Exarch Braadoth?
"Braadoth's the chief of the Iron Orcs. Kind of hard-headed and a tough old tree. When the Orcs joined the Scaled Court, Braadoth was given the title Ophidian Exarch of Undulating Destruction. It's a mouthful, I know, but I love our titles!"
Can they really train trolls?
"Ilthag can train anything! But the real secret is the red brittle—I mean, the nirncrux. It makes the trolls more powerful somehow. If you don't help me stop them, all of Craglorn is doomed. And Regent Cassipia doesn't want to see that happen."
Who's Regent Cassipia?
"Regent Cassipia? Leader of the Scaled Court? You must have heard of her! Cassi's remarkably powerful and extremely confident. And she's so beautiful! My hear skips a beat just thinking about her."
You're a member of the Scaled Court?
"I'm not just a member. I'm seneschal to the Regent Cassipia! And I'm pretty good at diplomacy. She says I have a way with necessary violence. That's why she sent me on this mission."

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