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King Laloriaran Dynar
(lore page)
Location Glenumbra, Coldharbour
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Level (?) Health (?)
King Laloriaran Dynar

King Laloriaran Dynar is the last Ayleid king. In the Ayleid language, his name means "Ruler in Dark Times", which refers to the end of his people. He is Meridia's master tactician and strategist.

Molag Bal trapped him in the Lightless Oubliette a short time after Meridia brought the Hollow City into Coldharbour. The warped time of Coldharbour and his loyalty to Meridia allowed him to live longer than any of his people.

Related Quests

Quest-Related Events

A Step Back in Time

You will eventually have to speak to the king in order to advance this quest, which takes place during the Battle of Glenumbra Moors. Once approached in the yard of the Direnni camp, he remarks: "A Breton fighting for the Direnni? Somewhat surprising though not unheard of considering the current circumstances. Wait a moment. That armor .... I've heard stories about you. They say you fight as if Auri-El himself blessed you." Show him the Alessian orders, and he'll say: "The situation unfolding on the battlefield is telling enough. These orders only confirm my suspicions. The Alessians plan to slip past your defenses to, how do they put it, catch the Direnni with their trousers down? What a curious phrase." Ask him what to do it, and he'll explain: "Use the Direnni magic of your armor to spot the cover Shadow Scouts before they can do any significant damage, then dispatch them with extreme prejudice. Simple enough, really. But I'm actually very curious about you." Ask why, and he'll say: "These old Ayleid eyes see many things. Everyone in this yard, for example, radiates an aura of life force. But not you. Your aura's missing. I can't tell if you're not truly alive or you just don't belong. I've never seen magic like this before."

You will now have two dialogue options:

  • I'm not sure what you're talking about: (?)
  • You're right. I don't belong here: "Honesty! A most redeeming quality. But we will have to speak of this later, when matters are less pressing. Right now we have a battle to win. I appreciate your report."

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