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Location Bone Orchard
Species Skeleton Soul Minor
Level 18 Health 397
Dringoth's Skull

Dringoth is an ancient spirit inhabiting the skeleton of a Bosmer, found in the Bone Orchard in the forests of Grahtwood. His bones were used by necromancers for the creation of other undead skeletons.

Dringoth was banished by Olphras from the rest of his family after a disagreement on how visible they should be to the outside world. Once a family of wandering immortals, they eventually realized their travels brought untold suffering wherever they went and decided to meet a true death away from the living. Dringoth's wanderlust and selfish desires prevented him from agreeing with them, however, and he continued to wander and destroy what lay in his path (though never specified, it's apparent by using the quest ability Dringoth's Rib that his presence causes those around him to frenzy and attack allies on sight).

The Wood Elves from Falinesti, victim of his destruction, tricked Dringoth by asking him to join their traveling city. Feeling excited and in the comfort of friends, Dringoth slept and Wood Elves planted a seed in his skull. From it grew the Barrowbough Tree where he was to be imprisoned forever.

The Wood Elves then hunted down the rest of his family and interred them in the Bone Orchard beneath shrines to Y'ffre with a ritual that would cause them to never be forgotten. For this reason, they can never die and their souls are prevented from moving on.

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