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ON-qico-Normal.png Get a message to Chorrol from the Abbey of the Eight.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Quest Giver: Gungrim
Location(s): Abbey of the Eight, Chorrol
Not an ideal work environment

Gungrim at the Abbey of the Eight asked me to deliver a letter to his cousin Asvorn in Chorrol.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Gungrim at the Abbey of the Eight.
  2. Go to Chorrol and speak to Asvorn Hairy-Legs for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

At the Abbey of the Eight west of Castle Black Boot, you may run into a Nord farmhand named Gungrim. He dislikes the work and wants to move on from the abbey, but lacks the funds to do so. His cousin Asvorn in Chorrol may be able to help him out, and Gungrim will ask you to bring word to him.

Travel to Chorrol and seek out Asvorn Hairy-Legs. Although he balks at the notion of sending his cousin any more money, he will nonetheless reward you for bringing the message.

Quest Stages

Distant Relatives
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Travel to Chorrol