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Advisor Norion
Location Vulkhel Guard
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 5 Health 227
Other Information
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance
Advisor Norion

Advisor Norion is an Altmer member of Queen Ayrenn's court. He can be found outside a warehouse in Vulkhel Guard. After you complete the quest Ensuring Security, he will stand behind Queen Ayrenn to her right when you first see her during A Hostile Situation. This is across from the Temple of Auri-El.

Unique Dialogue

When you first meet him
"I'm busy here. Away with you."
Before A Hostile Situation
"Begone, insect. I've no time for your ilk."
I'm supposed to tell you Watch Captain Astanya sent me.
"Ah. Ahh. In that case, you'll do nicely. My servant followed a burglar to this warehouse. The ignorant knave stole a set of marine deployment plans for the Queen's upcoming speech."
Why would a burglar steal those?
"Well, I'm sure I wouldn't know. I'm no burglar. In any case, we can't let those plans escape. They could be used to bypass the Queen's security. And we wouldn't want that."
After the quest starts, before you have the plans
"You again? Shouldn't you be off running errands somewhere?"
After you have the plans
"Well? Did you find the plans?"
I found them, but the burglar was already dead.
"Oh? A pity. Keep the plans. You can give them to the Captain next time you see her. In the meantime I must attend to the queen."
You're not concerned about the dead burglar?
"Feh. Some kind of criminal feud, I'm sure. Now then. If you have some other task you should be about it."
After you complete A Hostile Situation
"Hmph. Well done, I suppose."

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