Oblivion:The Sunken One (creature)

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Este artigo é sobre the creature. Para the quest, veja The Sunken One (quest).

The Sunken One
The Sunken One

(00009EF6, 00009EF7, 00009EF8, 00009EF9)

Location Sandstone Big Rooms
Species Storm Atronach Soul Common1
Level 41 82 Type Daedra
133 204
  • Freezing Touch1 - 10 - Shock Damage 5pts on Touch. (Immune to Silence)
  • Atronach Frostbolt1,2 - 10 - Shock Damage 5pts on Target. (Immune to Silence)
  • Shocking Touch2,3 - 10 - Shock Damage 20pts on Touch. (Immune to Silence)
  • Atronach Lightning3 - 15 - Shock Damage 30pts on Target. (Immune to Silence)
  • Atronach Frostbolt4 - 10 - Shock Damage 40pts on Target. (Immune to Silence)
  • Freezing Touch4 - 10 - Shock Damage 30pts on Touch. (Immune to Silence)
Other Information
Health 1001 2002 Magicka 301 452
3003 4504 603 904
Respons. 0 Aggress. 70
Faction(s) Conjurers; Creatures; Oblivion gate daedra

The Sunken One is the creature that Slythe Seringi holds responsible for the destruction of Kvatch. His apparent devotion to the creature leads to an unfortunate result as the Sunken One turns out to be a variety of Storm Atronach. It resides at the bottom of Sandstone Cavern.

Unlike most quest-related monsters, the Sunken One will respawn. Therefore, it provides a useful, renewable source for Void Salts, even for low-level characters.

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  • Several of the Sunken One's spells are named to appear to be Frost spells, despite them actually causing Shock Damage.