A UESPWiki – Sua fonte de The Elder Scrolls desde 1995
Alchemy — How to gather and create powerful potions to aid your adventuring
Burglary — Advice on separating unsuspecting home owners from their possessions
Combat — How combat works and tips for winning battles
Commerce — Principles of doing business in Cyrodiil
Containers — Places to find, collect and store items
Creature Resistances — What kind of magical damage to use and avoid using against different creatures
Crime — How the game deals with crime and punishment
Dungeons — General information on who and what to expect while exploring
Enchanting — How to make your own magical items in the game
End Game Optimizing — Getting the best character you can
FAQs — Frequently asked questions about general Oblivion gameplay
First Time Players — Hints and tips specifically for people starting out for the first time
Getting Around — How to get from one place to another
The Hardest Difficulty Strategy Guide — Dealing with dangers made even deadlier
Increasing Skills — Explanation of the skill leveling system
Ingredients — List of the numerous alchemical ingredients in the game
Items — General information about items in the game as well as specific data on special items
Magic — A guide to casting magic spells
Magical Effects — Description of the effects available from spells, potions and scrolls
Making Money — Advice on the best ways to make money within the game
NPCs — Who the non-player characters are in the game
Oblivion for Morrowind Players — Details the main differences between the two games
Oblivion Gates — Information on Oblivion Gates including maps and randomness
Poison — How to create and use poisons
Quest Timing — Which quests to do early, which to do late, which to start and not finish
Respawning — How to get things to regenerate and how long it takes for that to happen
Security (Lockpicking) — How to get at things "they" don't want you to have
Sleep & Food — How the game treats sleeping and eating
Sneak — How to avoid being seen, and what sneaking allows you to do
Spell Making — Create your own unique and powerful spells
Spell Merchants — Buy pre-made spells until you can join the Arcane University
Spells — List of all the spells available for purchase
Statistics — A list of the statistics shown in the game on your character screen
Time — Details of how time works in the land of Cyrodiil
Traps — How to recognize and deal with "booby traps" and other damage-inflicting objects
Trainers — Where to learn skills without the hard work
Vampirism — How to become a vampire and how to cure it