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OB-icon-Calm.png Calm
School Illusion
Type Offensive
No enchanting)
Effect ID CALM
Base Cost 0.47
Barter Factor 0
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Calm up to level L for D seconds

Causes the target to stop moving and prevents them from performing any actions. They will still be aware of your presence. Attacking the target will dispel the effect. Calm is known to work on creatures, humanoids, daedra, dremora, and undead.

For calculating magicka costs of this spell, the level needs to be converted into a magnitude, see Magnitude to Level Conversion. One implication is that the enemy levels affected by any Calm spell will be less than the quoted values if your Spell Effectiveness is less than 100%.



  • Calm is perfect if you're trying to fight ranged in tight corners. Tag the enemy, and slide out to get some distance.
  • Calm is basically a crowd controlling effect. Such effects are exceptional for combat in high difficulty games.
  • Calm can be used at low levels as a quick way to give an enemy pause, opening them up momentarily, as they pause to consider why they're fighting you.
  • Calm (as well as Demoralize) will not work if the spell reaches its target before the enemy detects you. This may happen if you cast it in sneak mode or while under the invisibility effect. Casting Calm will dispel the invisibility, but only after the spell actually hits the enemy. In order to be detected before the spell reaches its target, couple the Calm effect with any "on Self" effect (for example, Light 3ft for 1 second on self) in a single spell.
    • Alternatively, couple Calm with any hostile short-duration effect (e.g. Soul Trap) in a single spell to force enemies to detect you (beware, however, that such a spell combination will be considered hostile and can incur a bounty when cast on friendly NPCs). The spell needs to be targeted, on-Touch spells will fail to work. Command spells are not affected by this bug.
  • Calm effects do not stack. If a target is affected by several custom Calm spells, the duration is defined by the last spell that affected the target, which replaces any previous spells with the same effect.
  • Calm (as well as Demoralize) is not affected by Resistance to Magic in any way, unless the target has 100% Resistance to Magic. Therefore, it is preferable to other incapacitation spells when fighting enemies with magical resistance, since neither the magnitude, nor the duration are ever reduced.
  • The Calm effect is dispelled when ANY damage is dealt to a victim affected by this effect, not just damage dealt by the player character. Even damage dealt by traps will dispel the effect. The only exception is damage reflected by Reflect Spell/Reflect Damage, which will not cancel the calmed state.

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