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OB-icon-Rally.png Rally
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Effect ID RALY
Base Cost 0.03
Barter Factor 0
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Rally M points for D seconds

Increase target's Confidence (willingness to attack). Fleeing NPCs will stop running and return to combat.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making and enchanting via spells only.
  • This spell works on NPCs who are fleeing to call the guards.
  • Rally is an excellent spell for stopping a mortally wounded enemy from fleeing. Necromancers are especially adept at running away.
  • Other than the information above, Rally is not very useful in the game. There are only a few key points where its use becomes advantageous.
  • Use this in conjunction with Frenzy and they will attack nearby targets in a heartbeat. If they attack you, you can kill them with no bounty on your head.

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