Oblivion:Battlehorn Castle Taxidermy

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The Battlehorn Trophy Hall upgrade to Battlehorn Castle results in a Dunmer named Melisi Daren becoming available. Assuming she has the necessary items, at 10am each morning Melisi Daren will complete one of the replicas and head to the great hall to put it on its stand. The one exception is the bear, which she completes at 9am. This means you can get her to make two trophies in a day if you hand over a bear pelt and another item at the same time.

She will create stuffed replicas of animals you kill when supplied with parts of their carcasses as follows:

Stuffed Bear: Bear Pelt
Stuffed Clannfear: Clannfear Claws
Stuffed Daedroth: Daedroth Teeth
Stuffed Minotaur: Minotaur Horn
Stuffed Mountain Lion: Lion Pelt
Stuffed Ogre: Ogre's Teeth
Stuffed Troll: Troll Fat (not Painted Troll Fat)
Stuffed Wolf: Wolf Pelt
Stuffed Black Bear, always in the East Wing


  • The items used to create the stuffed animals remain in Melisi's inventory after she has completed them.