Morrowind:Eydis Fire-Eye

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Eydis Fire-Eye (eydis fire-eye)
Home City Balmora
Location Guild of Fighters
Race Nord Gender Female
Level 19 Class Master-at-Arms
Training Axe (72)
Blunt Weapon (72)
Long Blade (67)
Other Information
Health 247 Magicka 88
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Fighters Guild 7(Guardian)
Eydis Fire-Eye

Eydis Fire-Eye is a Nord master-at-arms and a Guardian for the Fighters Guild. Eydis Fire-Eye can be found upstairs at the Guild of Fighters in Balmora. She is one of five people in Vvardenfell who can provide admittance into the Fighters Guild, and also assigns orders to Guild members. Eydis also provides major training in Axe and Blunt Weapon, and medium training in Long Blade, to Fighters Guild members of Protector rank and higher, and is, in fact, the second highest Axe trainer in Morrowind. She is a pious worshipper of the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile and she serves the Camonna Tong.

Eydis wears a bonemold cuirass with matching pauldrons, greaves, boots, tower shield, and bracers. She wields a Dwarven mace and carries up to 50 gold. Aside from her natural resistance to shock, immunity to frost, ability to shield herself, and a natural frost damage spell, Eydis knows no spells.

Starts Quests

Fighters Guild

Related Quests

Fighters Guild

Thieves Guild


  • Greetings:
    • "They're southwest of the town of Caldera, I believe. Check around when you're in Caldera. They'll give you better directions."
    • "Have you taken care of that cave rat problem yet? Surely you can handle even that."
  • Alveleg:
    • "No loss."
    • "He's Thieves Guild, a Wood Elf. The Telvanni prefer to hire Nords and Wood Elves when they can't get natives. I know nothing about him. But this is not a Thieves Guild job, so he has no protection."
  • Alynu Aralen:
    • "She's not a problem any more."
    • "She's been expelled from the Fighters Guild. She stole from her Guild Steward. She's stupid, but she can fight. She joined the Thieves Guild when we kicked her out, but she's nobody important. This Caldera Mine trouble is not a Thieves Guild job."
  • Balmora Fighters Guild: "You are in the Balmora Guild of Fighters now. I am the Guild Steward."
  • cave rat:
    • "Go to Drarayne Thelas' house. It's here in Balmora, along the river on the east side. Ask her where the rats are coming from. Kill the rats and get your payment from Drarayne Thelas. Report back to me once you've taken care of this."
    • "So you killed the rats, %PCName? Not bad...for you. You ready for more orders."
    • "Well, the first job is a bust, Guard. I've learned something unfortunate happened to Drarayne Thelas. Are you ready for more orders?"
    • "There's nothing more to say about that."
  • Fighters Guild:
    • "You want to join the Fighters Guild? I'm the steward here in Balmora."
    • "It's simple, %PCName. The citizens give us duties and gold, and I pass some of them on to you. When you're ready for advancement, just come ask me and I'll tell you if you're ready or not."
  • Orders:
    • "I have a very simple contract to end an infestation of cave rats. You might be able to handle it."
    • "A local egg mine has problems with egg poachers. And you're going to solve those problems."