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Eindel (eindel)
Home City Ald'ruhn
House Llethri Manor
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 19 Class Archer
Other Information
Health 152 Magicka 108
Alarm 100 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Redoran Hireling(Hireling)

Eindel is a Bosmer archer in service of House Redoran. She is located right of the entrance inside the Llethri Manor in the Manor District in Ald'ruhn. Eindel owns the Darts of Judgement, which Aengoth the Jeweler asks you to steal for a quest.

She wears a common shirt, skirt, pants, and shoes. She carries a long bow and 30 leveled arrows. Aside from her natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, she knows no spells.

Related Quests

Thieves Guild


  • Darts of Judgement:
"That's none of your business."