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Winterhold is the northernmost hold in Skyrim, and has weather to match.[1] The Sea of Ghosts is off its northern coast, Eastmarch is to the southeast and Dawnstar is to the south and west.[2] The city of Winterhold was once located in the hold, but it was mostly destroyed during the Great Collapse. The College of Winterhold is the most notable feature of the hold, which was spared even though the Great Collapse tore down most of the city around it.[3] What remains is a meager village, technically the hold's capital city, near the entrance to the College.[1]

Winterhold consists of snowy coasts, as well as an even snowier mountain range which marks the border between Winterhold and the Pale, and some of the northern border to Eastmarch.[2] Between the mountains and the sea to the east lies an ice plain, where the elements are at their harshest, and life at its most scarce. Rock and ice shelves form the barrier between Winterhold and the sea to the north and east, dotted occasionally with shingle beaches.

Not many plants or creatures can survive in Winterhold's harsh climate.[1] The only plant that can truly thrive is the snowberry bush. Wolves, ice wolves, snow bears, snowy sabre cats and horkers all populate the region. Occasionally, an ice wraith or a Wispmother may attack travelers.[4]

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