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High King Vrage
Raça Nord Gênero Male
Reinado 1E 222-
Antecessor Hjalmer
Residência Skyrim

King Vrage, also called "Vrage the Gifted" and "Vrage the Butcher",[1] was a ruler of Skyrim in the First Era. He ascended to the throne after his brother Hjalmer's death in 1E 222.[2][3]

He initiated a phase of expansion in Skyrim, conquering Morrowind and High Rock around 1E 240[2] and setting the kingdom on a path that would lead to the First Empire of the Nords in the following years.[4] This astounding success is sometimes attributed to Sai, the God of Luck.[2] He is said to have slaughtered many Ayleid refugees who fled to Skyrim after their empire fell in 1E 243.[1] Along with his father Harald, King Vrage can be credited with leading Man's rise to dominance over Mer in Tamriel.[5]


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