Lore:Taron Dreth

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Taron Dreth
SR-npc-Taron Dreth.jpg
Taron Dreth as seen in Skyrim
Raça Dunmer Gênero Male
Morte 4E 201
Residência Skyrim
Aparece em Dawnguard

Taron Dreth was a Dunmer mage who claimed to be the "world's foremost expert" in Dwemer metallurgy and forging techniques. He was supposedly the author of The Aetherium Wars, but he actually plagiarized the work from a colleague, a secret he was willing to kill to protect.[1] At last report, he was traveling in Skyrim during the Stormcloak Rebellion, most likely looking for evidence to support his stolen theories on Aetherium. He was killed in the wilderness in 4E 201.[2]

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