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A Silver Hand member

The Silver Hand were a group of werewolf hunters in Skyrim circa 4E 201.[1] They were enemies of the Companions, as they were aware that the mercenary group's elite members are lycanthropes.[1] Hunters affiliated with the Silver Hand were known to brandish silver swords and sought to rid Skyrim of werewolves.[1] However, while the Silver Hand solely hunted werewolves and members of the Companions, it was evident that the group was overzealous at best, and at its worst was no better than a group of bandits, murdering unarmed civilians and torturing their captives, even those not suffering from lycanthropy.[1] To spite the Companions, the Silver Hand also attempted to retrieve scattered pieces of Wuuthrad, the shattered axe of Ysgramor which was of great importance to them.[1]

In 4E 201 the group was wiped out by the Companions, in retaliation for an assault on Jorrvaskr in which the Silver Hand had managed to steal all of the Companion's pieces of Wuuthrad and kill the harbinger Kodlak Whitemane.[1]

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