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The Motierre crypts

The Motierres are an old and powerful Breton family firmly established in Chorrol. They have been around since at least the Interregnum period. The family crypts are located in the undercroft of the Great Chapel of Stendarr, and are infamous for being haunted.

The Motierres were present in Chorrol before the Sundering of 2E 579, when a fiery chasm opened up through the center of the city.[1] Despite the devastation, the family remained in Chorrol and attempted to clear the ruins of the destroyed chapel. Lisien Motierre was still present in the city when the Alliance War began in 2E 582, claiming that "not even the gods" could drive the Motierres from Chorrol.[2]

In 3E 433, Francois Motierre was marked for assassination after defaulting on a large debt he owed to criminals. In an attempt to save himself, he contacted the Dark Brotherhood and asked them to fake his death. The Brotherhood were initially unwilling to accept the contract for being out of their usual line of work, but Francois managed to reach a compromise by sacrificing the life of his mother to appease Sithis. After his mother was murdered by Lucien Lachance, the Brotherhood sent an assassin to stab Francois with a poisoned blade, specially treated with Languorwine. The poison put him into a death-like state, fooling the moneylenders, and his body was left to repose in the chapel undercroft. When the assassin entered the crypts a day later to administer the antidote, Motierre's ancestors rose from their graves as zombies, seeing his revival as a desecration of their tomb. However, Motierre was able to escape and subsequently booked passage out of Cyrodiil.[3]

In 4E 201, Amaund Motierre was serving as a member of the Elder Council when he began making arrangements for the assassination of Emperor Titus Mede II, believing that his liege's death would serve to help him rise beyond his station. He traveled to Skyrim to contact the last remaining sect of the Dark Brotherhood, hoping to arrange several major contracts in order to set the wheels in motion. It is unknown if Amaund survived the act of betrayal, or even if the assassination went ahead.[4]

Known Members

  • Lisien Motierre (circa 2E 582) - Chorrol resident
  • Margaret - Francois' aunt
  • Francois Motierre (circa 3E 433) - Defaulter
  • Amaund Motierre (circa 4E 201) - Member of the Elder Council


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