Lore:Moesring Mountains

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Moesring Mountains
Type Mountain Range
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Solstheim
Appears in Bloodmoon, Dragonborn
Thormoor's Watch

The Moesring Mountains region covers the frozen wastelands in the northwestern tip of Solstheim. The northern and western borders are the white coasts of the Inner Sea while to the south are the Isinfier Plains. To the east is the Isild River, and beyond that is the northern sector of the Felsaad Coast. Apart from attempting the treacherous climb on the sides of the mountain range, there are several passes through the mountain range. Thormoor's Watch is at the southern end of the Moesring Mountains, Hrothmund's Pass is close to the rock formation of Hrothmund's Bane, and finally the Northern Pass east of Castle Karstaag, on the northern slopes of the mountains.

Hvitkald Peak, the highest mountain on Solstheim, is situated at the southern end of the Moesring Mountains. It is here, and only here, where the Wolfsbane flower naturally grows. On the southern side of the mountain is the Water Stone, a relic held sacred by the Skaal. One of the other stones, the Wind Stone, is located on the shores of the Harstrad River, at the eastern side of Hrothmund's Pass.

Thormoor's Watch is the white and hilly area on the feet of Hvitkald Peak and the mountains at the southern end of the range. At the very most northwestern tip of Solstheim, is the Mortrag Glacier. East of this is Castle Karstaag, the ancient dwelling of the frost giant Karstaag. The castle (under a different name) may have been a stronghold of the long gone race of Snow Elves. South of the castle is the rock formation of Hrothmund's Bane, the final resting place of one of Thirsk's, if not Solstheim's, greatest heroes.

However, it is not the wonder of the halls of Castle Karstaag or the sheer size of Hvitkald Peak that makes the Moesring Mountains region famous and revered by the inhabitants of Solstheim. The white plains of the region were also the site of the final epic battle between Falmer and Nords, after which the Nords cemented their place on the island.[1] The mountains are home only to the hardiest of creatures: tusked bristleback, rieklings, horkers, and wolves, among others. Almost nothing else survives in the frozen tundras of Solstheim apart from the animated spirits of the dead. Although few and far between, some men and mer, notably smugglers and mercenaries, also manage to dwell here.

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