Lore:Frost Giant

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Frost Giants are a sentient race of very large humanoids. They possess five eyes, and have two curved horns decorating their forehead. White, shaggy hair covers their bodies. They have regenerative abilities that are stunted by fire and are extremely strong. Frost Giants are elusive and rarely seen on Tamriel.

Only three Frost Giants are known to have lived on the island of Solstheim: Guolog, slain by Einarr; Karstaag, killed in 3E 427 during the Hunt of Hircine[1]; and a Frost Giant who was blamed for the unnaturally cold fog which appeared in a valley circa 4E 40 (although it was actually caused by Lord Hleryn Sathil)[2]. At least five Frost Giants lived in the secluded Forgotten Vale of Skyrim. They stole the Snow Elf paragons from the shrine of Auriel located there. In 4E 201, the Frost Giants were slain and the paragons retrieved. The spirit of Karstaag was later summoned by the Last Dragonborn.[3]



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