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King Eplear
King Eplear ruled over Valenwood, the province of the Bosmer
Raça Bosmer Gênero Male
Reinado 1E 0-
Residência Valenwood

King Eplear was an early ruler of the province of Valenwood and the founder of the long-lived Camoran Dynasty. The date for his founding of the dynasty is traditionally accepted as the earliest date in Tamriel's recorded history, 1E 0.[1]

While little is known about Eplear's life in detail, historians have suggested that it was Eplear who first united the wild ancestral Bosmer and created for Valenwood its first effective political identity, something that is called one of the "greatest military feats in Tamriel's history".[1] He is also remembered as a benevolent, welcoming king who invited refugees from the troubled Ayleid Empire and elsewhere to live in Valenwood with the Bosmer.[1] Specific details about how King Eplear died seem to be non-existent.


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