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Jarl Elisif the Fair
SR-npc-Elisif the Fair.jpg
Jarl Elisif the Fair as seen in Skyrim
Raça Nord Gênero Female
Antecessor Torygg
Residência Skyrim
Aparece em Skyrim

Elisif the Fair was the beloved wife of Torygg, High King of Skyrim, before his death at the beginning of the Stormcloak Rebellion. Following Torygg's death, she took his place as Jarl of Solitude, though the decision on who would assume the role of High King (or Queen) was delayed due to the outbreak of the rebellion. Elisif believed that the throne of Skyrim was her right, as High King Torygg's widow. However, she believed it best not to formally announce her intentions until the rebellion was quashed. She was a popular leader amongst her people, although some of her courtiers had concerns about her young age and inexperience, and believed she was under the thumb of General Tullius.[1]

Like her husband, she supported the Empire, and in turn enjoyed the Empire's support as claimant to the throne of Skyrim. It is unknown if she, like her husband, privately worshiped Talos in defiance of the White-Gold Concordat. Elisif herself denied this, but nonetheless requested the Last Dragonborn to place her husband's war horn as an offering at a Shrine of Talos, purportedly because it's what he would have wanted.[1]

In 4E 201, Elisif ordered the discontinuation of the annual festival held by the Bards College known as the Burning of King Olaf, as she thought it in poor taste, in light of her husband's death. However, when a prospective bard rediscovered the lost King Olaf's Verse and it was performed for her, she recognized the festival as a righteous celebration of triumph over tyranny and allowed it to continue.[1]

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