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Este artigo é sobre the castle on Vvardenfell. Para the city on the mainland, veja Ebonheart.

Castle Ebonheart
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Morrowind
Region Ascadian Isles
Appears in Morrowind
Ebonheart main plaza

Castle Ebonheart (usually just called Ebonheart) was the seat of Imperial authority on Vvardenfell. From this city, the Duke of Ebonheart, Vedam Dren, and his Grand Council determined law and policy for the Vvardenfell administrative district. The Imperial Chapels served the Duke, his retainers and the castle's garrisons, and were also an administrative center for Imperial Cult presence on Vvardenfell. A unit of the Imperial Guard protected the Duke, and the Hawkmoth Legion was also garrisoned within the walls of the castle.

The name of the settlement was taken from the mainland city of Ebonheart. It was built sometime after Vvardenfell was opened for settlement in 3E 414 to act as the new Imperial capital of the island. Much of the business in Vvardenfell which concerned either the Empire or House Hlaalu was conducted in Castle Ebonheart, as the Hlaalu Grandmaster was the Duke himself.

Because the East Empire Company was chartered directly by the Emperor, its offices, warehouses and docks were adjacent to the castle, and its security was assured by the Imperial garrisons. The provinces of Skyrim and Black Marsh maintained diplomatic missions in Ebonheart, the latter mainly in concern for its citizens, due to the fact that the Morrowind province was exempt from the abolition of slavery.

Due to the fortress' close proximity to Vivec City, it can be assumed that it was obliterated by the falling of Baar Dau in the early Fourth Era.[1]

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