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The Ash'abah are an ancient and secretive tribe of Redguards who inhabit the northern wastes of Hammerfell, roaming the Alik'r Desert. They are shunned by Redguard society due to their "unclean" interactions with the risen dead, as they disregard religious taboos and destroy the undead, slaying with great skill what might be honored ancestors returned.[1] Against the widespread distrust of magic, the Ash'abah perform rituals of purification for mausoleums and other places where vengeful spirits might arise, including an annual ceremony at Tu’whacca’s Throne meant to ensure the rest of the ranks of Redguard royalty. This activity is regarded as blasphemous, but tolerated due to the necessity of its performance. Thus, despite being pariahs, the tribe managed to survive into the Second Era (some Crowns of the time attributed their remarkable hardiness to secret support from some Forebears).[2] They are said to continue the work first started by the three great Ansei who formed the Ansei Wards.[1] Despite being exiled to the wastes, the Ash'abah were still taxed.[3]

When Sentinel came under threat from an undead army led by a disgruntled adviser to King Fahara'jad, it is said the king personally (but secretly) appealed to the exiled tribe for help. The Ash'abah headman, Marimah, agreed, though the terms he set are unknown. The Ash'abah mounted a surprise attack which employed forbidden mystical means and destroyed the invaders. Publicly, Fahara'jad credited their destruction to the intervention of the Eight Divines.[2]


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