Dragonborn:Garyn Ienth

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Garyn Ienth
(RefID: xx0182A0)
Home City Raven Rock
House Ienth Farm
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 10 Class Farmer
RefID xx0182A0 BaseID xx01829F
Gold 50
Sells Innkeeper (Raw Food, Cooked Food, Drinks, Salt Pile)
Buys All
Other Information
Health 125 Magicka 80
Stamina 80
Primary Skills Alchemy, Smithing, Enchanting, Destruction
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Unaggressive
Protected Yes
Faction(s) DLC2PillarBuilderFaction; JobMerchantFaction; DLC2CrimeRavenRockFaction; Raven Rock Garyn Services Faction; Raven Rock Ienth Farm Faction; Street Vendor
Garyn Ienth

Garyn Ienth is a Dunmer farmer who lives in Raven Rock on his farm with his wife Milore. According to his wife, Councilor Morvayn says he supplies most of the town's food.

He wears a blue Dunmer outfit with matching shoes, and he carries a steel dagger, a key to the farmhouse, and a selection of lower-class items and gold.

He wakes up at 6am and eats breakfast until 8am. At 8am, he opens his stall and keeps working until 8pm. At 8pm, he heads to The Retching Netch to eat dinner for four hours. Then finally at midnight he heads to his house to go to sleep.

He seems to have his hands filled, often remarking, "My wife and I are doing the best we can to keep Raven Rock fed." He also frequently mentions his wife, saying, "If you ever need apothecary supplies, talk to my wife Milore." or "My wife's quite the alchemist. Thanks to her, my ash yams are growing quicker than ever before." If you've helped Raven Rock get back on its feet, then he'll sometimes thank you saying, "Your actions here have been a blessing to us all, serjo." After he is freed from Miraak's influence, he may remark, "If I could just get my hands on Miraak for what he did to us..." or "I'd been waking every morning with my hands scrapped and raw and now I know why. I appreciate what you've done for me." Lastly, he might try to sell you some food, saying, "Welcome to Raven Rock, traveler. Could I interest you in any fine ash-grown foods?"

If you ask what 'ash-grown' food is, he'll tell you, "The Dunmer have been growing food in the ashlands for thousands of years. It was born out of the necessity to survive in the harsh climate of our homeland. And now, with the constant eruptions of the Red Mountain, it's more important than ever." When asked if magic is involved, he'll explain, "No. Only the Telvanni have the ability to weave living growth from the ash. This simply takes the right ingredients, the right tools and a lot of patience." When asked if he knows who Miraak is, he'll try to tell you, saying, "I think so, but I can't remember how I know him. Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure." When asked to elaborate, he'll say, "I'm not sure. I think so, but the only thing that comes to mind is a shrine near the Earth Stone." When asked to taste sujamma for Geldis, he'll respond affirmatively, "Always a pleasure to taste anything Geldis comes up with." When asked if he wants a job from Neloth, he declines, saying, "And leave my farm? No thank you." When you exit conversation he may remark, "Next time you're hungry, stop by... I always have plenty of food for sale."

Garyn can often be seen talking to his wife or other Raven Rock citizens:

Milore: "Garyn, did we make the right decision coming here?"
Garyn: "We tried to start a new life on the mainland, remember? It was too dangerous. Vvardenfell isn't ready."
Milore: "Things seem just as bleak here."
Garyn: "We'll pull through, I promise. Councilor Morvayn would never let us down."

Milore: "Are the ash yams growing like you expected this season?"
Garyn: "They're incredible. I don't know how we ever got them to take in this soil, but I'm glad they did."
Milore: "Well, we had to do something. I'd rather starve than eat another one of those horrid turnips."
Garyn: "Well, if we keep having harvests like this, you'll never have to eat one again."

Garyn: "Gjalund said our customer in Windhelm wants more of that balm."
Milore: "Damn. I'm still low on netch jelly. He might have to wait until next month until I can gather some more."
Garyn: "I don't want you hunting them again. You almost got killed last time."
Milore: "Don't worry, my love. I'll find a way."

Garyn: "Excuse me, captain. Do you have any plans for the west end of town? We feel awfully exposed over there."
Veleth: "If I had the resources at my disposal, I'd build you a wall myself."
Garyn: "I understand. I know you're doing everything you can."
Veleth: "Tell you what. I'll make sure we have a permanent foot patrol over there. It's the least I can do for you."

Garyn: "So where do you hail from, Glover?"
Glover: "Skyrim. Born and raised."
Garyn: "Have any kinfolk?"
Glover: "Just a brother. Lives in Riften."
Garyn: "That's quite a distance from here. What's his trade? He a blacksmith as well?"
Glover: "Nah. He... finds things people are looking for. Makes a good bit of coin doing it, too."

Garyn: "Oh... Mogrul. Care for anything from my stand today?"
Mogrul: "Ash yams? Disgusting. I'd rather eat cheese that's been sitting in the sun for a week."
Garyn: "Look, I know why you're here. I'll get the coin, I promise."
Mogrul: "If you want that beautiful wife of yours to stay that way, you'd better."

Garyn: "I should have another batch of vegetables ready for you soon, Geldis."
Geldis: "How much do I owe you this time?"
Garyn: "Tell you what. If you use them to make your kwama egg stew, you can have them for free."
Geldis: "It's a deal."

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  • Garyn is unaffected by the Master Trader perk.
  • Garyn will give the same barter dialogue as a fence ("What will you give me for these?") despite not being one.