Dragonborn:Protected NPCs

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Several NPCs in the Dragonborn expansion are protected at some point during gameplay. This means that, when their health depletes (usually down to 10% of its maximum, but this will occur even if the NPC's health would have been reduced to zero), they enter a state called "bleedout", where they fall to their knees and are ignored by all hostile entities until their health regenerates. Unlike the similar essential status, they can still be killed if they are attacked by the player, where they will die as easily as non-protected NPCs.

A permanent follower accompanying the player is set as protected, regardless of whether or not they are normally. This also applies to the player's spouse and anyone recruited into the Blades.

For a list of protected NPCs, see Category:Dragonborn-Protected NPCs, and for a list of protected creatures, see Category:Dragonborn-Protected Creatures.


  • A protected NPC may still be killed by other NPCs if they are attacked during bleedout, commonly by area of effect magic, poison or delayed power attacks.