Dragonborn:Deathbrand Armor

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Unique Item: Deathbrand Armor (xx02401b)
Type Light Armor
Editor ID DLC2dunHaknirArmorCuirass
Rating Rating 39
Rating Rating 39 {{{Health}}}
Weight Weight 7 Value Value 1600
Tempering Stalhrim
Tempering Stalhrim Perk Ebony
Increases your stamina by 15 for each Deathbrand item you wear.
Deathbrand Armor

The Deathbrand Armor is the chest piece of a set of armor that also includes boots, gauntlets and a helm. It can be found in a treasure chest that has been unearthed by reavers to the north-northwest of the Earth Stone, but only after you find the treasure map during the related quest. In appearance, it is identical to stalhrim light armor, and also has the same weight and armor rating. Its enchantment fortifies your stamina by 15 points for every Deathbrand item you wear, maxing out at 60 points with the entire set equipped. It can be tempered with a piece of stalhrim, with the Ebony Smithing perk doubling improvement.

In life, the armor was worn by its eponymous owner, an infamous pirate captain. However, on the eve of his death, he drew a map and ordered his quartermaster, Garuk Windrime, to divide his armor and bury a piece at each location throughout Solstheim, as he didn't believe that any of his crew were worthy of succeeding him.

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