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(RefID: xx01F9CA)
Location Frostmoon Crag
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×0.75 (range=10-50) Class Werewolf
RefID xx01F9CA BaseID xx01F9C3
Other Information
Health 140-540
Magicka 50
Stamina 95-295
Primary Skills One-handed, Sneak, Archery, Block
Class Details EncClassWerewolf
Moral. No Crime Aggress. Aggressive
Faction(s) DLC2dunFrostmoonWerewolvesFaction
Akar keeping warm by the fire

Akar is a Nord werewolf living under Frostmoon Crag. He is a member of the Frostmoon Pack and brother to Majni, the pack leader.

Akar wears fur armor with matching bracers and shoes. He wields a leveled weapon in combat which can be up to elven in quality.

When you approach him, he will greet you with either growling, or saying, "What?" and "Hmph." If you ask him who he is, he will reply, "Akar. Majni's brother. I hunt. He talks. Go talk to him." You may also ask him what he hunts, in which case he'll respond, "Deer. Sabers. Rieks. Boar. Bear. I hunt soon. Go bother Majni."

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