Daggerfall:Stronghold of Orsinium

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The Stronghold of Orsinium
The Stronghold of Orsinium

The Stronghold of Orsinium is the dominant structure within the City of Orsinium. It is a mighty bastion which is occupied by the Orcs. Gortwog, the orc-lord of Orsinium can be found in the main hall of the stronghold.

Dungeon Layout

Using in-game denotation for dungeon-modules:
          B0000012  B0000013  N0000044  B0000001
B0000011  S0000022  S0000021  N0000004 @S0000020
          B0000005  W0000014  B0000003  B0000002
Dungeon-Modules: 15
Quest Locations:  9

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