Daggerfall:Elysana's Robe

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Elysana requests your skills to assassinate a suitor.
Quest Giver: Princess Elysana at Castle Wayrest
Location(s): Random Residence in a Random Town in Wayrest
Prerequisite Quest: Privateer's Hold
Reward: Random jewelry
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain
ID: S0000006
Required Level: 6
Ficheiro:DF-Lord Castellian.png
Deliver a present to Lord Castellian of Wayrest

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Princess Elysana at Castle Wayrest once you reach level 6.
  2. Get a robe from her.
  3. Deliver it to Lord Castellian in his cottage.
  4. Return to Elysana and collect your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

After talking with Princess Elysana, it seems like she just wishes to give a gift, a wonderful robe, to her suitor, Lord Castellian of Wayrest. What she doesn't tell you or Lord Castellian is that she enchanted the robe to release up to three Daedra Seducers to attack whoever is wearing it. Of course, Lord Castellian's men won't be too pleased that you helped assassinate him and will pursue you until the quest is over. Report back to the princess to collect your jewelry and learn that King Eadwyre is looking for a special artifact called "The totem".

Reputation Gain

In case you deliver the robe successfully you will gain reputation according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Wayrest +10
Princess Elysana +10
Associated Factions +5

(Allies/Enemies affiliations for listed factions are not considered)


  • 3x One Daedra Seducer every one in-game minute (50% chance) if you give the robe to Lord Castellian
  • 4x Two Knights every two in-game minutes (50% chance) as soon as Lord Castellian is attacked by the Daedra Seducers
  • 20x Two Spellswords every fifty-three in-game minutes (15% chance) after Lord Castellian was killed by the Daedra Seducers
  • 3x One Daedra Seducer every one in-game minute (20% chance) if you use the robe


  • Important: If you do this quest before you did Blackmailing Prince Helseth, Helseth won't offer you his quest, because Lord Castellian the victim of Helseth's plot, dies formally at the end of this quest. Hence Queen Barenziah won't offer you her quest Barenziah's Book, because it depends on a successful outcome of Helseth's quest.
  • Important: Don't embark on this quest if Helseth's quest is still active, or you won't be able to get a chance to do Barenziah's quest, which is triggered from within Helseth's quest. You can see if Helseth's quest is still active, when you use your dialog menu. As long as Lord Castellian is a topic in your dialog menu, Helseths quest is still running. The quest will end as soon as you meet the conditions to start Barenziah's quest. See the related article on Barenziah's Book to learn these conditions.
  • If you "use" the robe Elysana gave to you, you will also become the target of three Daedra Seducers. If all three of them have shown up and you have sent all three of them back to Oblivion, the robe will disappear and the quest will end. Beside the fact that you can't complete your mission and thus won't get any reward from Elysanna, this has no influence on the remaining parts of the Main-Quest, since this whole quest is completely optional. If you didn't take care of all three Seducers, more of them will show up later when you give the robe to Lord Castellian. So using the robe before meeting Lord Castellian without destroying all three Seducers will not prevent the attack of the second contingent of Seducers on Lord Castellian.
  • Once you have completed the quest Orcish Treaty, Elysana will no longer offer you this quest.
  • This quest does not progress the main plot, other than to mention that the totem exists and that King Eadwyre is anxious to get it. However, it serves to reveal Princess Elysana as someone not to be trusted. Later on, she offers you another quest that turns out to be a trap.