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Existem muitas variedades de monstros em Arena que tentarão lhe abater, e podem ter sucesso caso você seja descuidado.Este bestiário lista os monstros conhecidos e os inimigos humanos, em ordem alfabética junto com as estatísticas conhecidas, uma imagem do monstro e uma descrição tirada do manual. Mesmo sendo um humano, Jagar Tharn, o chefe do final do jogo, foi adicionado à lista de monstros.

Notas do Bestiário

  • "Níveis altos" geralmente se refere ao nível 15 ou mais.
  • Generalmente, reflexão de feitiços/absorção são bem úteis ao lutar com monstros com propriedades mágicas. Investir nesses feitiços ou itens que podem lançar-los pode valer a pena.
  • Todos os monstros mortos-vivos, como Cães Infernais Termo original: Hell Hounds e Demônios de Fogo Termo original: Fire Demons não podem aparecer ao ar livre durante o dia.
  • A experiência recompensada depende dos "hitpoints" do monstro.
  • A chance de saque é independente para cada categoria, por exemplo, você pode saquear ouro, uma poção, uma armadura, e uma arma mágica de um monstro só.
  • Itens de baixa qualidade tem durabilidade reduzida.

Monstros do Arena

Demônio de Fogo

Descrição: Essas criaturas são do submundo, frequentemente entrando em nosso plano de existência em missões à sua vontade. Eles são adversários formidáveis, altamente inteligentes, completamente cáoticos por natureza, e poderosos nos meios da magia. Eles são resistentes a fogo, e são sujeitos a serem atacados por armas de mithril ou melhores. Eles são perigosos de se enfrentar. Demônios de Fogo Termo original: Fire deamons também têm a habilidade de enxergar criaturas invisíveis.

Notas: Eles estão entre as criaturas mais poderosas de Arena.

  • HP: 225-350
  • Dano: 10-40
  • Experiência: 34625-42750
  • Habilidades: Resistir a dano de fogo, imunidade a armas mundanas, vê o invisível.


Descrição: These undead are the carrion eaters of dungeons, crypts, and other burial places. They feast on human corpses and other rotting flesh. Although they are not intelligent, they have a natural cunning that aids them in finding food. Because of their vile habits, ghouls have a chance of transmitting a disease to those they bite.

Notas: Can be very challenging at lower levels. Tend to appear in groups of two or three.


  • HP: 45-75
  • Damage: 5-20
  • XP: 1900-2500
  • Abilities: Transmit disease.
  • Loot: 24% 7-70 gold, 5% low-quality item.


Descrição: They were once human, but are now trapped between here and the ethereal plane. They exist as spirits only, but have a chilling effect upon those they attack. Ghosts have the ability to drain a wizard's spell points at range. Ghosts are difficult to hit, and often hide themselves in the shadows, where they are effectively invisible. Ghosts also have the ability to see invisible creatures.

Notas: These restless spectres are very annoying for most spellcasters but not sorcerers (since they usually absorb the drain spell.) However, they are not too dangerous for other classes. They will sometimes fly away when approached.

  • HP: 60-80
  • Damage: 5-25
  • XP: 3000-3500
  • Abilities: Flight, see invisible, casts Spell Drain as a level 5 spellcaster.
  • Loot: None.


Descrição: Goblins are vile, nasty creatures, short in stature and almost rodent-like in their frenzy to feed. Very stupid but dangerous to the inexperienced.

Notas: One of the weakest monsters. They sometimes carry a weapon or a few gold pieces.


  • HP: 1-8
  • Damage: 1-5
  • XP: 65-100
  • Abilities: None
  • Loot: 19% chance for 2-20 gold, 25% for a low-quality item.

Hell Hound

Descrição: These canines are actually from the nether planes, usually summoned by some powerful being to perform a service. They attack with their powerful jaws, or with a fire breath that burns their intended victims. They are resistant to fire-based spells.

Notas: This infernal wolf is usually found in proximity to lava. They shoot fireballs.


  • HP: 50-75
  • Damage: 5-25
  • XP: 2500-3125
  • Abilities: Resistance to fire, casts Fireball as a level 6 spellcaster.
  • Loot: None


Descrição: A strange being created by a high level wizard who has somehow combined the properties of certain spells with parts of various demons. These creatures are often set to guard areas, using their ability to fly to patrol corridors. They have the ability to cast spells, using these effectively with their normal attacks to ward whatever areas they have been set to guard.

Notas: Tougher than they look, these little critters are created by mages from various elements, including maybe fire daemon organs. They shoot a potent electrical spell.

  • HP: 90-120
  • Damage: 10-35
  • XP: 11550-12900
  • Abilities: Flight, spellcasting.

Ice Golem

Descrição: Golems are creatures created by those practiced in the arcane arts. They are fashioned from a material to resemble a human form, then animated and set to particular tasks, whether that be questing for an object or guarding a tomb. There are three varieties known to exist in the land: Ice, Stone, and Iron. Any of these are dangerous, each with its own special abilities, immunities, and spell casting powers. Defeating one is a feat well worth praise, for they are very formidable opponents.

Notas: The weakest of the three golems. Lack of a ranged attack and vulnerability to fire makes them not particularly fearsome. They are however, invulnerable to all weapons below elven (although fists can hurt them).

  • HP: 150-200
  • Damage: 10-35
  • XP: 18250-21000
  • Abilities: Resistance to cold, immune to mundane weapons.
  • Loot: 9% chance for 14-140 gold.

Iron Golem

Descrição: Golems are creatures created by those practiced in the arcane arts. They are fashioned from a material to resemble a human form, then animated and set to particular tasks, whether that be questing for an object or guarding a tomb. There are three varieties known to exist in the land: Ice, Stone, and Iron. Any of these are dangerous, each with its own special abilities, immunities, and spell casting powers. Defeating one is a feat well worth praise, for they are very formidable opponents.

Notas: The strongest of the three golems, but not a particularly fearsome monster due to lack of a ranged attack. They are immune to all weapons below mithril.


  • HP: 200-300
  • Damage: 10-40
  • XP: 28000-34500
  • Abilities: Resistance to spells, immunity to mundane weapons.
  • Loot: 9% chance for 16-160 gold.


Descrição: These creatures are wizards who have attempted to cheat death by prolonging their life through the use of spells and such, eventually turning themselves into a form of the undead. Few have ever faced such a creature and lived to tell the tale. It is known that they are very powerful, able to defeat high level characters easily, and able to see the invisible. They are known to have immunity to weapons below mithril, regeneration capabilities, and any other powers that would be associated with a 20th+ level mage. You are cautioned, these creatures are beings of such power that it would be foolhardy to face one without properly preparing yourself with powerful equipment or artifacts.

Notas: The strongest monster of the game, second only to Jagar Tharn himself. They cast a powerful ranged electrical spell.

  • HP: 750
  • Damage: 10-75
  • XP: 125000
  • Abilities: Spellcasting, self-healing, see invisible, immunity to mundane weapons.
  • Loot: 9% 20-200 gold, 90% magic item or potion, 90% low-quality item, 90% magic armor or weapon.

Lizard Man

Descrição: Once thought to be distant cousins of the Argonians, it was soon evident that those lizardmen had nothing human within them whatsoever. They are a race of carnivorous reptiles, whose use of language stretches only far enough to communicate the location of their prey to the rest of their hunting party, which then move to attack and feed.

Notas: Very weak humanoid, between goblin and orc in strength.


  • HP: 10-20
  • Damage: 1-8
  • XP: 175-275
  • Abilities: Can paralyze.
  • Loot: 23% chance for 2-20 gold, 25% for a low-quality item.


Descrição: The medusa is a creature with the upper body of a woman and the lower torso of a snake. It writhes along using its hands and body to wind its way through its lair. Medusa are very strong and intelligent, and armed with a fearsome weapon. Their gaze has the ability to paralyze an opponent. Because of their magical nature, they are immune to weapons below dwarven.

Notas: Third most powerful monster of Arena, after the Lich and the Vampire.

  • HP: 250-400
  • Damage: 10-50
  • XP: 43750-55000
  • Abilities: Ranged paralysis attack, immunity to mundane weapons.
  • Loot: 9% 18-180 gold, 60% magic item or potion, 90% low-quality item.


Descrição: These creatures have the body of a man and the head of a bull, and are cruel man-eaters. They are not particularly intelligent, but can track a man by scent alone. They are very strong and slightly resistant to magic.

Notas: However, they are not much stronger than an orc.


  • HP: 30-60
  • Damage: 3-18
  • XP: 900-1500
  • Abilities: Resistance to spells.
  • Loot: 25% 6-60 gold, 20% magic item or potion, 25% low-quality item.


Descrição: Orcs are a larger version of goblins. Indeed, scholars have often speculated that these two creatures are somehow related. Nevertheless, they are stronger than their cousins, and very dangerous, often equipping themselves with weapons found on their opponents. They are not overly intelligent, but are cunning enough to stalk their prey and set up ambushes.

Notas: It is an average humanoid monster, between the lizard man and the Minotaur in strength. Note that in Arena, Orcs are considered to be monsters, unlike later Elder Scrolls games in which Orcs are a playable race (see the Lore article for details).

  • HP: 15-40
  • Damage: 2-12
  • XP: 425-800
  • Abilities: None.
  • Loot: 25% 4-40 gold, 15% magic item or potion, 50% low-quality item, 5% magic armor or weapon.


Descrição: Scavengers, these disease-ridden vermin crawl through many of the cities' sewers, or make their home in places where they can use their numbers to attack and bring down larger prey.

Notas: They are the weakest creatures in the game. Be warned of their potential to cause a disease though


  • HP: 1-6
  • Damage: 1-4
  • XP: 40-65
  • Abilities: Transmit disease.
  • Loot: None


Descrição: Skeletons are undead creatures, once human, now animated by some forces either magical or supernatural. They usually are set to guard certain places, such as burial crypts or vaults. They have a single minded purpose, and will track their foes until the hapless victim is found and destroyed. Skeletons are resistant to edged weapons.

Notas: Relatively weak enemy but they tend to attack in large groups which may prove dangerous for low level players.

  • HP: 25-45
  • Damage: 2-16
  • XP: 652-925
  • Abilities: Takes half damage from daggers, swords, axes, and bows.
  • Loot: 9% 5-50 gold, 25% low-quality item.

Stone Golem

Descrição: Golems are creatures created by those practiced in the arcane arts. They are fashioned from a material to resemble a human form, then animated and set to particular tasks, whether that be questing for an object or guarding a tomb. There are three varieties known to exist in the land: Ice, Stone, and Iron. Any of these are dangerous, each with its own special abilities, immunities, and spell casting powers. Defeating one is a feat well worth praise, for they are very formidable opponents.

Notas: Between the Ice Golem and the Iron Golem in strength. Their ranged magic attack cannot be ameliorated by a potion, which makes them more dangerous than most spellcasting monsters. They are immune to any weapon below dwarven.


  • HP: 175-250
  • Damage: 10-35
  • XP: 22125-26250
  • Abilities: Ranged magic spell, immune to mundane weapons.
  • Loot: 9% chance for 15-150 gold.

Snow Wolf

Descrição: It is rumored that far to the north is a large, more dangerous version of the normal wolf. These Snow Wolves are said to be able to freeze their prey using some sort of magic.

Notas: A magical breed of the wolf, they cast a ranged cold spell.

  • HP: 15-30
  • Damage: 1-12
  • XP: 300-450
  • Abilities: Casts Ice Bolt as a level 6 spellcaster.
  • Loot: None.


Descrição: These arachnids are of the giant variety, very poisonous, and extremely fast. They often inhabit places underground where the moist depth can keep their chitinous skin pliable. They are highly carnivorous, and will attack without provocation; using their paralyzing venom to incapacitate their intended victims until they can be fed upon.

Notas: Most dangerous animal (after the Hell Hound) because of its paralysis ability.


  • HP: 40-70
  • Damage: 4-20
  • XP: 1300-1900
  • Abilities: Paralysis.
  • Loot: 16% 6-60 gold.


Descrição: Trolls are shaggy, green-skinned creatures which often are set to guard areas by high level mages. They are generally stupid, but regenerate any damage done to them quickly. Killing a troll is almost impossible, for doing so would require that the damage was done in such a way as to destroy the flesh, rather than just sever it. It is for this reason that they make such formidable adversaries.

Notas: They don't remain subdued for long, unless subdued by magic, so one should flee before it regenerates. Paralyzing a troll before killing it prevents regeneration as long as it remains paralyzed. Also, it's possible to exploit the game by resting for zero hours immediately after subduing a troll. Arena removes all corpses when one sleeps, getting rid of the trolls before they could regenerate. If you leave without truly killing it though, you receive zero experience points. If you use magical attacks on the troll, it will indeed die and you will get the points for that death.

  • HP: 75-100
  • Damage: 10-30
  • XP: 5125-6000
  • Abilities: Regeneration.
  • Loot: 70% low-quality item, 20% magic armor or weapon.


Descrição: With the exception of a Lich, these are perhaps the most feared of all creatures which prowl the land. Vampires are exceptionally intelligent, very strong, and very fast. They are immune to iron, steel, and elven weapons, and regenerate lost health points. Silver weapons do double damage, however. Because of their reclusive nature, not much else is known about these powerful undead Lords. They are believed to have spell casting ability, the ability to see invisible creatures, and the ability to command other creatures. They are a fearsome foe indeed.

Notas: Second most powerful monster after the Lich. They cast fireballs. Like trolls, they cannot be killed by weapon attacks, only subdued. They also transmit vampire diseases, but strangely they do not hurt you.


  • HP: 500
  • Damage: 10-50
  • XP: 67500
  • Abilities: Immunity to mundane weapon, vulnerability to silver weapons, fast healing, spellcasting, see invisible, transmit disease.
  • Loot: 5% 19-190 gold, 40% magic item or potion, 50% low-quality item, 85% magic armor or weapon.


Descrição: These are cunning, dangerous hunters who inhabit mostly forests and glens. They use their highly developed sense of smell to track their prey. They hunt in well organized packs, and are known for their ferocity in battle.

Notas: It is a low-level mundane animal.

  • HP: 10-25
  • Damage: 1-10
  • XP: 200-350
  • Abilities: None.
  • Loot: None.


Descrição: Wraiths are the spirits of long dead mages, trapped into this state either by the circumstances surrounding their death, or by being called up from the dead by a more powerful Wizard. They often are set to guard things, or to patrol different areas. It is known that Wraiths can cast spells, and will do so in order to destroy any who trespass into their domain. Wraiths also have the ability to see invisible creatures.

Notas: The spectres of spellcasters, they are much more dangerous than ghosts. They cast fireballs but like ghosts they will sometimes fly away when approached.


  • HP: 80-110
  • Damage: 10-35
  • XP: 8600-9950
  • Abilities: Flight, spellcasting, see invisible.
  • Loot: None.


Descrição: These undead are dangerous indeed, for they carry with them the curse of their deaths. Those who are struck by a zombie have a chance of getting a rotting disease, which will slowly but surely eat away their health, eventually turning the hapless victim into a zombie also.

Notas: Slow and not too dangerous. Their diseases are nasty, though.

  • HP: 70-90
  • Damage: 5-30
  • XP: 4450-5150
  • Abilities: Transmit disease.
  • Loot: 25% chance for 9-90 gold.

Jagar Tharn

Notas: Jagar Tharn, Imperial Battlemage of Uriel Septim VII and Arch-Traitor to the Empire. He is practically invulnerable, having secured his lifeforce in the Jewel of Fire--which conveniently lies nearby.

Notas: Jagar Tharn shares the same sprite as the Vampire, though with added staff.


  • HP: 500
  • Damage: By spells
  • XP: 100000
  • Abilities: Casts Wizard's Fire, Ice Bolt, Wyvern's Sting, Lightning, Far Silence, and Spell Drain. Sees invisible. Puts himself in a protective force field cocoon upon his "death", making him ultimately invulnerable in melee combat.

Inimigos Humanos

Human enemies in Arena can be of any class or race and have the abilities given them by their race and class.

Humans met in groups usually have a lower level than solitary ones. Humans met in quest dungeons such as Fortress of Ice have the same level as the player.

  • Loot: 1-50 gold, set of armor (cuirass, greaves, boots and gauntlets; 0+10%/level chance to have a chain/plate one for corresponding classes), left pauldron after level 6, right pauldron after level 11, helmet after level 16, random weapon (3% chance for a rare/magic weapon), a shield (if one-handed weapon was generated).
  • XP: 25*(level-1)²