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On hiatus since '07, brb. I'M BACK. SUP?

UESP Minor Projects

  • Patrolling (constant vigilance!) - Keep the highwaymen at bay, assist the old ladies cross the road, clean up after the horses
  • Destroy All Red-Links!
    • Tribunal (completed)- Start all major pages in Tribunal areas.
    • Skyrim (oh boy...) - Create every red-linked page in Skyrim areas.
  • Birthsign Pictures (completed) - Give pictures to the boring Morrowind birthsign table. Thanks to Delrok for speeding up the process.
  • Morrowind Books (completed) - Upload the missing books of Morrowind and reform all book headings to conform to UESP standards.
  • Tamriel trails (completed) - Put breadcrumb trails on all applicable Tamriel pages.
  • Picture Licenses (completed) - There are a number of pictures and maps that do not have the correct or any kind of licensing. This shouldn't take too long, and it can be easily taken care of if anyone who uploads an image just takes the time to give it a license.

UESP Accomplishments

  • Created most of the Morrowind Houses pages
  • Added more breadcrumb trails than Hansel and Gretel
  • Moved all Morrowind places to correct namespaces
  • Made correct headers for all Morrowind books
  • Gave pictures and a more attractive look to Morrowind birthsigns. Special thanks to Delrok for that.
  • Gave basic information to all Tribunal pages that had not yet been created.
  • Became a patroller January 8, 2007
  • Gave all Oblivion and Morrowind quests the proper layout and content