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In Morrowind you cannot own your own house. Sometimes, the owner, or a person with the right connections, will offer a task that may give the player a place to call home upon completion. You can also kill the owner in order to get pretty much the same results. Be advised the latter method may sometimes lead to not being able to complete certain quests.

Listed below are the towns and other areas from which a house can be made, so you may simply choose the place, finish the related quest or kill the owner, then make it your own. You may also join a Great House and use their hostel for free, and other factions also provide beds for members, often in quite comfortable rooms with some means for safe, non-volatile storage of items. Furthermore, every Great House allows you to possess a house in the form of a Stronghold, at either Rethan Manor, Indarys Manor, or Tel Uvirith. In addition, the Bloodmoon expansion provides you with two permanent houses - the Factor's Estate, and the Blodskaal's House (formerly Rigmor's hut).


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