Morrowind:Sadrith Mora Homes

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Sadrith Mora's Finest Homes
General Information
Overview of Sadrith Mora - A brief overview of the House Telvanni Council.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Big and more spacious
The Elf-Skerring - The ship is empty and conveniently located... at the boat services.
Small and Cozy
Hleras Gidren's House - The House is located right beyond the Gateway Inn.
Vaden Belas' House - Right near the Morag Tong Guild and next to a Smith.
Trendrus Dral's House - This House is near Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub and Wolverine Hall.

General Information

Overview of Sadrith Mora

If you're a wizard in service of House Telvanni, this is the place to be. See Sadrith Mora and Wolverine Hall for more detail.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Big and more spacious

The Elf-Skerring

Services: Book Lives of the Saints
Storage: Barrels 18, Chests 7, Crates 16, Cupboards 1, Sacks 6
Description: The 30 pt. locked Cabin is cozy with a table, a cupboard with drinks and a 60 pt. locked "Rusted Chest" with gold, jewels, exquisite clothing and several enchanted jewelry.

The door to the Upper Level is locked with 25 pt. and the cargo hold contains sundries and ingredients. Several sacks and a chest hold a large amount of Moon Sugar. One crate contains Alchemy equipment. The Lower Level is unlocked and crates here contain 8 Raw Ebony. Some skulls and bones are scattered on the floor.

Small and Cozy

Hleras Gidren's House

Hleras Gidren's House

Services: None
Storage: Chests 2, Drawers 1, Sacks 3
Occupant(s): Hleras Gidren
Description: The two chests are locked with 25 and 50 pt locks, and they contain up to 75 gold in total. Five Small Kwama Eggs are in a basket on the ground floor.

Veden Belas' House

Services: Book The Four Suitors of Benitah
Storage: Urn's 2, Sacks 6, Crates 1
Occupant(s): Veden Belas'
Description: The perfect place for an Assassin with the Morag Tong right next door.

Trendrus Dral's House

Services: Book Poison Song V Poison Song II
Storage: Urn's 2, Sacks 10
Occupant(s): Trendrus Dral
Description: A comfortable little house that is near the Sadrith Mora Thieves Guild and Wolverine Hall

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