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Proposed Policy: Administrator Re-elections

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I think the time has come to put into effect a mechanism that ensures administrators continue to enjoy the support of the community.

Currently, UESP has ten administrators. Of these, three (Endareth, Garrett and Wrye) were never elected. One (Nephele) was elected with the votes of only two users, neither of whom are active any more. Two (Ratwar and TheRealLurlock) had only one vote from a currently-active member - somebody who just returned after a nine month break. The other four are more recent, but even in these cases, Eshe's support only contains three still-active users out of eight votes; less than 50% is not impressive.

Since the mandate for an administrator role is given by users, it is essential to ensure that the mandate is kept up to date and renewed when necessary. This offers both an easy way for an admin to step down, and for the community to remove them where necessary. It's clearly not acceptable that somebody retains the extra powers and responsibilities if the community no longer supports them.

To this end, I propose that each admin be automatically re-nominated on the anniversary of his or her election and a re-election vote is held using the same rules as for new admins. If he or she is no longer interested in holding the role, simply declining the renomination would be enough to close the election.