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About Me

Well, as an admin, I feel a little obligated to clarify who I actually am. My name is Chris, and I’m 22 years old as of this edit. I’m currently going to school at Georgia Tech. I’m a Civil Engineering major, if you really want to know. Anyways, I’ve been a member of the Elder Scrolls online community since October, 2003 when I joined the Official Forums. My account name there is also Ratwar, and I'm also a moderator.

So why am I here? Well, for one thing, I almost feel like I owe the UESP, since it has helped me a lot, and it has helped me help other people. The other reason is that I know a lot about Elder Scrolls, especially Morrowind. I put somewhere around 400 hours into that game, and I’ve helped around 3,000 people with various problems on the Official Forums. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time in Oblivion.

As an editor, I really don't myself as much of an editor. I am really more of a consultant who's brought in occasionally when I have time or there's a problem. When I'm around, I tend to either get the ball rolling on policy issues, and deal with other problems. I may have a few symptoms of Adminitis. Basically, I kinda like banning people and then watching their futile attempts (and threats) to destroy the UESP. Other than that, I tend to be a bit of a policy junkie, and if someone else is ready to actually implement the thing (Thank you fellow editors), my ideas tend to improve the wiki.


Member of the Morrowind Redesign Project.

What I do/need to do


  1. Become focused enough to work on other goals.
  2. Generally clean up the Morrowind:Morrowind, Tribunal:Tribunal, and Bloodmoon:Bloodmoon sections and their sub pages. I'd specifically like to work on the Tribunal Places, Morrowind Quests, Morrowind Console, and Tribunal Quests pages.
  3. Keep the Oblivion Mages Guild Section, Morrowind Cheats, Morrowind Easter Eggs, Morrowind Hints, and Morrowind Glitches somewhat clean.

Future Goals:

Clean up the Oblivion Thieves Guild and Fighters Guild sections.

Things to Check in Morrowind:

  • NPCs in certain places (Tribunal)
  • Check Tribunal Main Quest requirements
  • Check to see which console commands are needed to remove Ordinator attack
  • Check the Getpos console command

Other Stuff

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