Skyrim:The Warmth of Mara

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Relacionado a Spread the Love
Encontrado nos seguintes lugares:
  • Given to you by Dinya Balu during the related quest
The Warmth of Mara
A promotional pamphlet for Mara's temple in Skyrim

Rejoice, Reader...
For Mara's Light Shines Upon YOU!

Mara's Benevolence is everlasting and Her Warmth widespread throughout the world. Shut your eyes, lift your head to the heavens and bask in the glow that shapes our destiny!

Lady Mara will embrace any regardless of their past. Cast away your misdeeds and freshen your spirit! Give unto Her all the compassion that you would give unto your birthmother and learn that She will never leave you, never cast you aside and never forsake you!

Donations are being accepted at the Temple of Mara in Riften