Shivering:Lewin Tilwald

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Lewin Tilwald
(RefID: 00018C69)
Location Xedilian
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 1 Class Rogue
RefID 00018C69 BaseID 00018C68
Other Information
Health 10000 Magicka 175
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Lewin Tilwald in Xedilian
"...huge t-tree... going...going... to k-kill us all..."

Lewin Tilwald, a Breton rogue, is one of three adventurers who, after trying their luck in Cyrodiil, have decided to enter the Shivering Isles. They are the first to arrive in Xedilian after you have reactivated the Resonator of Judgement.

He wears an almost complete set of leather armor: cuirass, greaves, gauntlets, bracers and boots. In combat, he relies on a dwarven shortsword and a dwarven bow complemented by twenty dwarven arrows.

He doesn't exist in-game before the related quest and you will first see him in Xedilian's gnarl chamber along with companions Grommok gro-Barak and Syndelius Gatharian. Once the adventurers gather in the first room, he will be quite anxious, randomly repeating:

"We should go back, I'm not sure we should be here."
"This can't be right... I got a bad feeling about this place."
"Can we just leave? I don't like the looks of this place."
"That thing may be small but it looks mean. Let's get out of here."

As soon as you activate either button he will seemingly gather courage: "THIS is one of the "horrid guardians" of which the stories spoke?" If you unleash a horde of gnarls he will draw his weapon and fight off the creatures, although they will eventually manage to slay him.

If you decide to evoke an abnormally large Gnarl, he will watch it grow and fearfully ask: "By the gods! When will it stop? It could devour us whole!" When the giant gnarl fades away, Lewin will fall to his knees and eventually succumb to madness: " no sense...should be d-dead...what...who..." After his fellow adventurers leave him behind, he will remain in the chamber while cowering in mad fits and randomly saying:

"...huge t-tree... going...going... to k-kill us all..."
"Nowhere to run.... mad t-tree... must escape..."
"Going to g-get us... kill us all..."

If you choose this option, he will later relocate to a cage-room near the entrance of Xedilian, awaiting entrance into Sheogorath's realm.

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  • Even though he certainly is part of the group of adventurers, he isn't a member of the relevant faction.
  • In his journal, Grommok gro-Barak states that Lewin stole from Norbert Lelles, who had already had enough troubles with thieves.